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Mickymacacke~ 19 e.é

Me gusta el Baile y la musica.

Me encantan las calaveras y el animal print

En mi Tambleererere~ encontraras cosas randoms(??)~ :B Bueno hay muchas cosas interesantes y geniales para compartir.

Fofofofollow me~ ^w^

Congratulations EXO on your wins for Growl!

Kris rapping & Chanyeol beat-boxing to "Nothing On You" at KCON LA 2013

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Super Junior Individual Member Fandoms Part 2 of 2

These are all made by ME, fell free to use them as a wallpaper ^^

If you use it somewhere else please leave my “signature” in the picture.

I hope you all like it :)

Siwonest - Siwon

Honey - ZhouMi

ELFish - Donghae

Ryeosomnia - Ryeowook

Snower - Kibum

Gamer - Kyuhyun

String - Henry

Super Junior - Ever Lasting Friend

Fandom’s mis azulitos <3 

exo - dodol pop

Wookie &amp; Exoxoxo &lt;3 &#8230;Hermosoooos!! :D

Wookie & Exoxoxo <3 …Hermosoooos!! :D


They’re my idols -____________-


Sungmin’s Twitter vid Sungmin’s cat.